The Quality Of DJ Equipment

Does The Quality Of DJ Equipment Matter For The Delivery Of Sound? Are you going to host a party soon? Are you considering hiring the best music services available in town? If this is the case, you may be thinking of whether you should get high-quality DJ equipment or the low one would go good […]

Why Should You Have DJ Services For Your Parties?

Why Should You Have DJ Services For Your Parties? Music is undoubtedly the best element that you can add to your events. Well, not a big question that you can think about for long without saying yes, right? But still, most people wonder if they should hire DJ services for their gatherings and occasions or […]

Essentials for Private Party!

Mykonos Wedding

What Essentials Should I Never Miss In A Private Party Setup? Are you going to organize a party soon? Private parties are always fun to get to know your people and have a fun and soothing time with your guests. But what are the most important things that you must never miss out on while […]

Not Having A Sound System At Your Party Is A Total Misfit!

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Why Being In Mykonos And Not Having A Sound System At Your Party Is A Total Misfit? Mykonos, a popular vacation destination due to its simple architecture and beautiful white buildings, is also known for the amount of fun this place provides. You can live your best days and plan your wedding party here with […]

High-End Wedding DJ!

Take your event to the next level

Why Should I Have A High-End Wedding DJ? Are you going to host a party soon, or is it your wedding coming ahead? You sure would love to add some fun to your social gathering. What is the best way to drive your guests in the mood that you want them to? AH, MUSIC it […]

Sound equipment Mykonos

Summer is the time when Mykonos attracts a great number of events, from wedding parties to charity galas and from beach parties to exclusive yachting cruises. Organizing an engaging summer event often involves a number of different entertainment elements or audiovisual ones, all of which can be rented from the right company. Soundmykonos offers exclusive […]

Wedding DJ or DIY?

It’s difficult to choose a DJ for your wedding … what would you say if you did it yourself? (diy)   Let’s say you are from New York and you choose Mykonos as a destination to conduct your wedding … it is believed that the DJ who you will choose knows exactly what you want, […]

Wedding Planning Tips on hiring your Dj

Dj services mykonos party dj

You must pay attention when you choose the dj that will be playing music for some hours during the most important time of your life. The major elements you must focus on is their previous experience, where they work for the time being, whether they are active or not. You had better ask photos or […]


sound and dj at mykonos wedding offers high quality dj and rental sound services in great prices.  We can create great atmosphere with our dj and rental sound services that will take your event in another level ! The Rental Staff is available to discuss your particular needs. Whatever this may be, let  assist you in putting your Rental […]