A Guide On How To Plan A Luxury Wedding

Hosting your wedding is stressful and full of fear, let alone hosting a luxury wedding. There are so many things to be concerned about, and you need to be in charge. You cannot simply have your fun day without stress, which is why you need a guide. A guide to planning a luxury wedding so […]

Not Having A Sound System At Your Party Is A Total Misfit!

dinner in the sunset

Why Being In Mykonos And Not Having A Sound System At Your Party Is A Total Misfit? Mykonos, a popular vacation destination due to its simple architecture and beautiful white buildings, is also known for the amount of fun this place provides. You can live your best days and plan your wedding party here with […]

High-End Wedding DJ!

Take your event to the next level

Why Should I Have A High-End Wedding DJ? Are you going to host a party soon, or is it your wedding coming ahead? You sure would love to add some fun to your social gathering. What is the best way to drive your guests in the mood that you want them to? AH, MUSIC it […]

Speakers for your party.

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It is totally understood not to know the number of speakers you should use in your event or wedding. In many of the emails sent to us, customers ask for one speaker so that they can reduce the cost. But what is the ideal number of speakers? Rarely do we see people asking for a […]

Wedding DJ or DIY?

It’s difficult to choose a DJ for your wedding … what would you say if you did it yourself? (diy)   Let’s say you are from New York and you choose Mykonos as a destination to conduct your wedding … it is believed that the DJ who you will choose knows exactly what you want, […]