What Are The Things That I Must Consider For Sound And Lighting Hire?

Are you going to throw a big party and you are worried about the music and lighting show? You will have to worry about DJ entertainment that is the sound and lighting hire area. 

Many factors come into action to help make your sound and lighting setup attractive and fun. So what are the things that you must consider to get the best services?

  1. Get A Recommendation

You will want to rent from a company that is both friendly and easy to work along with. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors who they have worked with for their events and parties. How did they like it? Do they have any complaints? Also, try going through some online reviews. Be sure to have a thorough check into the negative and positive reviews.

  1. Start With The  Solid Game Plan

Measure out space and also sketch out where you want the sound and lighting hire equipment to go. While you are doing this, make sure you tuck everything out of the way of your guests. With the solid game plan, you will rent only what you require and nothing more than that.


  1. Rent Equipment That Plays A Double Duty

A few lights don’t only brighten the space up, and they also add some party into the air. This may include the lights that project-specific patterns, flash colors, or look just like the disco balls. Some companies also allow you to rent karaoke equipment.


  1. Prepare Your  Space

For professional DJ hire, you need to have the right space to do their job well. check if the building you are having the party at can hold the lights and sound equipment. Installing these pieces on the walls may damage the rented items and also space. 

All of these electronic may put a big drain on the power. Before you rent anything, figure out where you will be setting up and plugin every piece. Remember that some kinds of lights such as LEDs take in lesser electricity.


  1. Save Yourself The Bill

Most of the damage done to rented equipment happens during the setup and the takedown. This is the headache that you don’t want to deal with. So try checking if the company you are renting with us is giving you services of doing all this for you.


All these tips will save you from having a huge failure in entertaining your guests. You will easily be able to focus on other things that are more immersive.

We at Soundmykonos can do these services for you. We are a sound and lighting company that is operating in this region for a long. We are experts in our job and know how to deal with all kinds of sound and lighting duties. We have made many parties full of fun and are ready to the same for many more. 

So are you ready to make your event full of fun and joy? Make sure you give us a call, and we will be there to do the service for you!

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