DJ Equipment

Create your own Audiovisual package or pick of the best-selling ones. 

A. Essential Sound Pack with Behringer Speakers 1000watt & stands

B. Ultimate JBL 615 Speaker Package with Subwoofer

C.Ultimate DJ Package with 2 Pioneer 2000 Nexus & DJM 800 or 900

D. Essential Sound/Light & DJ Package with DJ set, Speakers & Perimetrical Lighting

E. PRO Sound/Light & DJ Package with DJ set, Speakers, Stage and Perimterical Lighting

F. PRO Sound/Light & DJ Package with DJ set, Speakers & Robotic Moving Heads and Perimterical Lighting


2xStairville B1R Beam Moving Head

4x Wash (Blizzard TOURnado IP 100w)

12 x led (Stairville LED Par64 MKII RGBW 10mm SI) 

4 x moving heads (Varytec E asy Move XS HP Wash)

1x Fog Machines (Stairville AF-40 Fog Machine),  

2x Strobo Lights (Eurolite LED Techno Strobe 250 EC)

120m String Lighting



2x RCF ART 712 1400W

4x Behringer Eurolive B112D – 1000w  

4x JBL EON615 15″ Two-Way Multipurpose 1000w

2x Behringer B-1030A Studio Monitor (bluetooth) 150w 

2x SKYTEC 15” Subwoofer – 600w

2x VONYX 18″ Subwoofer – 1000w

1x ElectroVoice ELX118 Subwoofer – 700w



3x Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus2

2x Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus

1x Pioneer DJM900 NXS

2x Pioneer CDJ-400

DJM-800 Pioneer mixer

2x Pioneer XDJRX2

Traktor Z2 mixer

Traktor Z1 Mixer 

Traktor X1 Effect Mixer

2x Traktor D2 controller (stems)



6xGlobal Truss F34200 Truss 2,0 m

2x Pyle PDMIC59 – Professional dynamic vocal microphone

Wireless Professional dynamic vocal microphone behringer

Senheiser hd-25 ii Headphones

Behringer 400 Headphones