DJ Anthony

DJ Anthony

Meet Anthonis, the heartbeat of Mykonos’ vibrant nightlife. As a popular DJ known for his electric beats and innovative style, he curates an experience that sets him apart from the rest. From the deep grooves of Afro and tech house music to the infectious energy of commercial hits, Anthonis crafts a musical journey that keeps the party pulsating from sundown to sunrise.

His DJ sets are more than just a playlist; they are a carefully curated mosaic of sounds that capture the unique, vibrant spirit of Mykonos. With each rhythm, each beat, Anthonis translates the essence of the island into a language everyone can dance to.

A proud resident DJ at Zuma Mykonos, Anthonis is a magnet for music lovers. His performances encapsulate the excitement and allure of Mykonos nightlife, drawing in crowds and creating nights to remember. His style resonates with the dynamic ambiance of Zuma, echoing the energy of the crowd and amplifying the party vibe.

Let Anthonis guide you through a captivating sonic landscape where Afro beats, tech house rhythms, and popular hits intertwine to create the soundtrack of Mykonos. With him at the decks, every night becomes a high-energy celebration of music, life, and the irresistible charm of this party paradise.