DJ RENTAL SOUND SERVICE MYKONOS offers high quality dj and rental sound services in great prices.  We can create great atmosphere with our dj and rental sound services that will take your event in another level !

The Rental Staff is available to discuss your particular needs. Whatever this may be, let  assist you in putting your Rental Package together. What makes us stand out from our competition? In a few words, we simply do and care more. Every single component of your rented audio equipment is thoroughly tested by our rental technicians and maintained for operational integrity by our in-house experts of microphone, RF and cable technicians. Plus, before we turn over any audio gear, we take the extra step of making sure all items are cleaned before they get to your hands—always! Cause of our many years of experience we not only do know what gear you need (or don’t need), we also know how to troubleshoot.

Send us and email in order to offer you a proposal for our dj and rental sound services!

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