Wedding Planning Tips on hiring your Dj

You must pay attention when you choose the dj that will be playing music for some hours during the most important time of your life.

The major elements you must focus on is their previous experience, where they work for the time being, whether they are active or not. You had better ask photos or videos from other wedding ceremonies. What is wrong most of the times, is when couples ask for mixtapes. It is really easy for somebody to fool you by sending another’s mixtape. That is why we suggest that you ask the dj play live music if possible.

You will be able to understand more watching a video rather than a mixtape. Be sure that you are in the mood when you press play and you can be along with your friends so that you can have their opinion too.

Ask them where they are working and visit the place to have a drink. You will certainly realize a lot of things even if they play different kind of music from what you desire for your wedding.


The dj or the band must be always informed about your wedding plan and if you have a wedding planner, ask them to keep the dj up to date by sending emails analysing the programme. Otherwise, you have to inform them about the programme so that they could be aware of the style they will follow.

Similarly, concerning the most important songs, an experienced dj will send you a form so that you can compete the songs, unless you send them beforehand.

As we say in Greece, you get married only once, so before you choose a dj, think twice!

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