Wedding DJ or DIY?

It’s difficult to choose a DJ for your wedding … what would you say if you did it yourself? (diy)


Let’s say you are from New York and you choose Mykonos as a destination to conduct your wedding … it is believed that the DJ who you will choose knows exactly what you want, what kind of music you listen to and they are well informed, aren’t they?

If you choose a DJ and if you do not have time to prepare your playlists, then be sure that the DJ has conducted several weddings in the past, and has a lot of experience in well-known clubs or bars to eliminate the chances of a total disaster.

Personally, I believe a DJ who plays in clubs, making people dance, knows how to make people dance during a wedding.


If you still want to do it yourself, you need to:

1. Rent audio equipment.

In summary, you will need: 2-4 Speakers, 1-2 Subwoofer, 1 Mixer and 1 Ipad or mp3 player or USB or Laptop.

Depending on how many people you will have invited at your wedding, you will also need to rent the appropriate equipment. For 50- 100 people, 2 “strong” speakers and a subwoofer are enough. For 100-200 people, 4 loudspeakers and 2 sub at least are needed. It would be a good idea to ask the tenant’s opinion as well as conducting a research before you book the equipment, asking for 2-3 costs.

2. Lighting rental.

If your party takes place in a house or a Villa and not in a bar, then you will certainly need lighting.

Lighting is divided into 2 pieces:

a. In the perimeter lighting, if you want to “focus on” a beautiful part of the house and

b. In the dancefloor. I personally believe that the lighting of the dancefloor is essential, even if it does not cost much. Before you decide whether you need lighting in the place you have chosen or not, be sure that you have checked out the space at the same time when the event is to take place.

3. Prepare your playlist.

We all have a friend or acquaintance being a DJ. You can ask them to mix the songs you like in advance. That means that you are to prepare a playlist for 4-5 hours and they will mix them for you. So, you will be sure that you like this music, while it is not certain that your own choices will also appeal to your guests. Thus, you can ask 2-3 friends to give you their opinion on the playlists. I have met during some

weddings (and I liked it a lot) the following: The couple had asked each individual guest to send them a dance song that they would like to listen to the wedding … this can act positively because when one hears a song they had asked for in such a special occasion, they will definitely dance, so that dancefloor would not be empty. If the DJ is good then they will use the songs the moment they consider as appropriate. If there is not a DJ, then you can “drop” the songs in Mixtape and you will achieve almost the same effect.

4. Sound Check

Before the sound engineer leaves, you must sound-check in order to see that everything is working properly. You have to deliver the equipment in exactly the same condition as you had received it. Thus, the technicians will sound check when they return to collect the equipment they have rented.

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