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Summer is the time when Mykonos attracts a great number of events, from wedding parties to charity galas and from beach parties to exclusive yachting cruises.
Organizing an engaging summer event often involves a number of different entertainment elements or audiovisual ones, all of which can be rented from the right company. Soundmykonos offers exclusive parties, dj services and event rentals in Mykonos for a wide range of occasions so that you can always be ready and equipped with the best elementes and tools.

Speakers: Our company has the top brands of speakers, such as JBL and Behringer. Sound equipment packages start from 200 euros per day or 150 for long-term rental (5 days minimum).

Sub woofer: The 18″ Self-powered professional sub woofer has its own amplifier and there is no need of an additional external amplifier. It incorporates a Low Pass Filter and a Phase Switch (Phase Control 0-180) as well as a Level buffer and a Frequency one.

DJ Equipment: The Djs are divided into 2 categories; laptop DJs and classic DJs. Laptop DJs are gaining popularity during the last recent years as technology moves very fast. Classic DJs who do not change the CD Player for anything else.
Having been a DJ of both categories with more than 15 years of experience, and events in the biggest clubs all around the country, including Cavo Paradiso and Space Mykonos, we could not have anything less in our warehouse than the best ones in the market.
4 x Pioneer 3000, 2 x Pioneer 900 DJM mixer as well as the TRAKTOR Z1, Pioneer DDJ SR2, effector X1 and 2x D2 Controller consoles with the brand new STEMS technology, will make your “mixtape” a great success.

Lighting: Our offers concerning pavement and surrounding lightning with 12 Led lights automatically synchronized to the music played by the DJ or yourself, save you from the cost of a Light Jokey and create a disco atmosphere straight from the past.
Also, there are 8 Robotic-Beams with a radius of many kilometers ,4 Robotic-Wash heads  and 12 battery uplighters for extra lighting!

Contact us in order to receive our offer and proposals concerning our dj and rental sound services!

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