Speakers for your party.

It is totally understood not to know the number of speakers you should use in your event or wedding. In many of the emails sent to us, customers ask for one speaker so that they can reduce the cost.

But what is the ideal number of speakers? Rarely do we see people asking for a system with 4 speakers.

There are many who believe that a speaker is what they are looking for, but this is not the ideal choice.

In order to achieve full coverage, we need 4 speakers, one in each corner. When the event organized, hosts fewer than 30 people, I will dare say that having 4 speakers is excessive. But if you have more that 40-50 guests, it is necessary that you have 4 speakers.

Soundmykonos never takes on the responsibility to set up only one speaker, as the result would not be as satisfying as the one we want to offer. On the other hand, in all our offers, we add one or two subwoofers to cover even the most demanding customers.

Renting sound equipment in outdoor spaces, especially on islands such as Mykonos where moisture and air influence the result, you should trust someone who has knowledge as well as experience.

Finally, trying to renew our equipment, we added the most up- to-date equipment. Two brand new beautiful improvised lights with DMX channels. Built in dimmers and electronic kit with 3 x 230W halogen bulbs. Also, two brand new 1000watt Behringer speakers and two Pioneer 2000 nexus for guest DJs. Our new equipment compose the most special audiovisual set up one can find in the market of Mykonos.

Check our equipment here or email us in order to offer you a proposal for our dj equipment services!

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