Private party in Mykonos

Audiovisual for your private party?

The music of the event:

  • In every event, the most important thing for somebody to have fun is music. Unlike other cases, a private party should be characterized by the individuality of its host. It may sound extremely difficult but organizing such a party is really simple. The only thing that you need is a good sound system, a good DJ and your best friends. If you need audiovisual for your private party then send us an email and get an offer. Of course, there is also the option to personalize your event, using photos or even videos which can be shown on a flat screen or a projector. You may also use lighting to improve the atmosphere especially if the party takes place in a villa.
private party Mykonos
private party Mykonos


  • A lot of times, the budget is limited. However, using our experience, we can organize an event including the appropriate lighting, spending only a little money. A method which can be used is uplighters as we can choose the color of your taste and stress some details such as trees, rocks, pergolas etc, turning something simple into something impressive. There are times when the budget helps us use robotic heads, laser, floor decoration lighting or even sky decoration one. Rent our lighting for your private party at Mykonos


  • There is nothing worse than listening to a sound that is poor or limited without bass. Having good equipment is the first and foremost thing of your event. That is why our company offers professional audio equipment of the most well-known brands such as Mackie, Turbosound, Behringer and JBL. Furthermore, in all our events, subwoofers are a necessary part.
Events everywhere:
  • You can organize your event everywhere you want, as a mobile DJ can provide sound of high quality. Having also the opportunity to choose a DJ or a band depending on the kind of music you prefer. Also we can hire dancers for you so that you can learn about the traditional way Greek people have fun.
If you want to celebrate a special moment, a wedding proposal in a dinner for two, dance on a yacht or organize a private party in a villa in Mykonos, do not hesitate to contact us

We organize the best private party events at mykonos

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