Bachelor Party

Bachelor or Bachelorette or Hen party!!

We managed to find out that male bachelor parties appeared first in history while the female ones followed. Of course, this fact came as no surprise if one considers the male chauvinist beliefs that nowadays do not exist anymore.

Depending on the country where the couple lives, bachelor parties or bachelorette ones may have various customs. In some places, the party takes place the night before the wedding, sometimes it takes place at home while there are places where it lasts two days or only one night. The only common trait all bachelor parties present is that they are organized by the groomsman or the maid of honor as they are couple’s best friends. That means that surprise factor is the most important aspect!

Hen PartyThe person for whom the party is organized ideally should know NOTHING. It isn’t such big deal if the bride knows that you will go to Mykonos, Ibiza or Las Vegas. But for sure, it would be better and more mysterious if she didn’t know anything.

Let’s check some undeniable rules in order for you to live happily ever after….

 Always keep in mind that the bride and groom are the center of the party. So, you have to choose whatever you think they will like concerning what you already know about them. For example, if the groom is susceptible to alcohol, then you had better ensure that there will be plenty so that things can go really wild.

After all, that is the last party before getting married!!! No matter what the entertainment you plan is, you should keep in mind that it shouldn’t humiliate, bother or set in danger any of the participants according to Peggy Post.

The party is organized by the groomsman and the maid of honor. If the rest of the gang are willing to help or if they have any ideas, then encourage them to go ahead.

Although couple’s best friends may organize the party, the expenses are shared. Nowadays, only the couple doesn’t pay.

Bachelor Party
Private Event
Male bachelor party and the female one never coincide unless there is a strong request by the couple.

Undoubtedly, remember that it isn’t your last night out with the couple. Of course, it is an important night that should not be omitted as it is a custom but if things don’t go as planned, don’t feel overwhelmed. Friends and especially women that are more creative and emotional will always find opportunities to organize surprises.

If you plan to organize a private Bachelor/ Hen Party in Mykonos, you can contact us to take care of DJ’s, dancers and sound & lighting equipment.

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