Kosmos Electric Sounds

Kosmos Electric Sounds

Kosmos Eclectic Sounds” is a project inspired by Dj George Tsagkarakis(aka
Gorgio L) that started from Mykonos, with the background of the famous Mykonian sunset and the Aegean sea.

From the first moment, the project was loved and supported by the public. This is what made George Tsagarakis develop the idea and, with the addition of musical instruments, create the Kosmos band.

George Tsagkarakis selects and mixes international well-known tracks, as well as his own productions and remixes.
He is accompanied bymusicians and soloists who harmoniously surround him, thus giving their own touch, and a unique cosmopolitan timbre, with a flavor of
Greece! In the project you will recognize sounds from Frank Sinatra, Julio Inglesias, Gipsy Kings, Demi Rousso, Yannis Pario, Dalida, Manos Hatzidakis Marinella, Andrea Bocelli and many more renowned composers and performers.

“Kosmos Eclectic Sounds” is a musical journey, which will surely transport you. to every corner, and culture of the world!